Thursday, October 4

Speculate THIS the internet streetz have gone straight nutty recently about Trey Songz' new lil boo/Jeezy's jump off/video chick/Weezy's fantasy chick/everybody's supposed jumpoff Angel/Lola Love. And it looks like Trey is letting y'all know this chick is indeed his:

Apparently they like to do "private" photoshoots together often. Why do we care again? I guess a dude (who is ho-tastic himself from what I hear) turning a video ho into a housewife is hot news these days. Whatev.

All the rumors of Michael Strahan dating Nicole Murphy were confirmed last night when they were spotted cuddling up at dinner last night in the NYC. They hit up Nello restaurant and posed for their first "coupled up" pic which was in the Post this morning. Nicole just loves her sme suspect dudes I see.

Mel B. was spotted out in LA yesterday:

Hopefully she was on her way to/from dance rehearsals with those leg warmers.

The 2nd Annual New York Magazine Best Bets Event to Benefit The Fund For Public Schools went down with Kerry Washington there:

Must be nice to shop for free.

And Rih Rih was spotted out shopping at the Lisa Klein store with her lil puppy: