Wednesday, October 3

Weezy Brings The Entertainment+Is Nick C. Already Stepping Out On Selita?+Other Fabness

Because the crazy interviews just keep on coming this's some excerpts from Weezy's interview with VIBE:

Weezy: Some people can't sing and can just use their voice very
uniquely. I was watching these clips on E! of the worst people singing the National Anthem and - what's the dudes name from that rock group- the nigga with the big lips?
Vibe: Steven Tyler. Weezy: Steven Tyler? That's the nigga with the big lips? That nigga's like the worst ever! The secret - WHITE PEOPLE

Vibe: He's the only one?
Weezy: I know they got more but I don't feel like thinking right
now. I just... I don't care - fuck them!

Weezy: Yeah, I said I'm a whore. I'm a whore. Whatever. And I live
it to the fullest. I'm like Trey Songz, no homo.
Vibe: Huh? Why?

Weezy: Every picture of this nigga, he got his fucking shirt off!
He's looking at the camera like he's looking at a hoe.. I said, ya know what? Trey Songz don't give a fuck - he be like, Fuck ya'll nig*as! I'm eating, bwoy! Fuck how you think I look in this picture, your hoe love this picture! It's her screensaver nig*a! When you call your hoe, my song play, fool! Holla! Trey Songz I fuck with you, you heard me?

Vibe: So you respect his gangster.
Weezy: I know he a G 'cause I tried to holler at his girlfriend and
she said no.
Vibe: Really?

Weezy: I don't even wanna put that man out there, that might not be
his girlfriend, but in her mind she think she yours, dog, and she told me no for you, so you's a G. And this wasn't long ago, this was recently, I was the president, I had all that going for me, bitch said NO! She sent me a picture of y'all and everything, like that new video from 50 and Ciara, that's how y'all was.
Vibe: Naked on top of each other?
Weezy: For real, I fuck with Trey Songz, no homo.

LOL at all the "No homo" declarations and his all around foolishness. That's a funny dude.

YBF snitches say Nick Cannon was getting extra cozy with actress Zulay Henao, the star of that new movie “Feel the Noise at the Hennessy Artistry New York concert last night:
Selita was nowhere in sight. Interesting.

Chrisette Michele was also there to perform.

Really Brian White? I mean...really?

And Terrance J and Denise Vasi were there.

Ni was spotted leaving J Holiday's album release party in NY this week:

Stop playing in the Barbie aisle at Target boo.

Elsewhere in NY this week, the R&B showcase at Spotlight went down:

Gabby Union and Trey Songz were there.

Zab Judah looks like a 10 year old at all times but he is indeed married with kids.

Terrance Howard, Angie Martinez, and Irv Gotti kicked it:

Alesha Rene, Rocsi, and Terrance hit the mic.

Jaheim was there showing off his fade.

And Diddy and Bob Johnson were there too:

Fun times.

It's official. The powers that Be are making a Notorious B.I.G. movie and are about to start the casting:

Notorious Films launches an open casting call for the role of ChristopherWallace in the upcoming feature film NOTORIOUS, to be directed by George Tillman (SOUL FOOD, MEN OF HONOR) and released by Fox Searchlight Pictures. Auditions will be held at City Stages (435 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011),
Saturday, October 6th from 10:00am – 1:00pm. For more information, go to or

I'm surprised Diddy didn't talk MTV into letting him do a Making The B.I.G. reality show out of this ish. My money's on Sean Kingston.
Stay fab!